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ABC Adolescence & Beyond Conference

Friday March 22nd 2024

Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin

9am - 4.30pm

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School Space Programme

Adolescent Development workshops which focus on all aspects of Adolescents life space from Brain Development to the challenges of Anxiety and Stress. These programmes are focused on the development of Coping Strategies and understanding of Adolescent & Parent Development. Programmes are practical, sensitive and attuned to creating a better Adolescent & Parent & Educator experience.

The programmes offered include

5 week:

TY Life Space Program

Half Day :

Exam Years Life Space Program

Parental Workshops dealing with all issues relating

to challenging and anxious behaviour

Professional Educational Workshops for Educators

Parental Workshop

This workshop focuses on developing your skills and competencies as a parent. We look at your parenting style, how to support and manage  Adolescent challenges and the communication we can use to bring about positive change.  The workshops are designed from feedback from parents so they are tailor made for your needs.

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