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Young Adult

Initial Session 60 mins.

Ongoing Sessions 50 Mins.

I will meet you for an initial session. The ourpsoe of this session is to explore your needs at this time and the stages of development in your life up to this point, You will be sent an information form outlining the various elements of this session. This stage of development is from 19-30 years old is a significant stage of the change from adolescence to young adulthood. Emerging adult therapy is a specialized therapy offered to those young adults who may be facing the challenges of further education, career choices or who are at a crossroads in their life. Being a young adult brings many demands, confusion and overwhelm at times.

What you thought you wanted may change as your development continues and choices and dilemmas can pose a real problem at a certain life stage. Young adults move from a structured secondary school experience to a very unstructured optional next stage in both college and work. Emerging adulthood can bring tension and stress as the transition from adolescence to young adult emerges. There is often a pressure to know what you want to do and have it all figured out and for many people this stage of life can bring confusion and ambivalence.

Meaning, direction and purpose can all become areas of anxiety and panic as you try and figure out what next. I work with young adults one to one to figure out what they need, what they are good at and what is getting in the way of their own belief system and energy. It is not unusual to get stuck, it is however hard to be stuck with your own thoughts and fears as they tend to multiply and cascade very quickly into panic and stress. Working with emerging adults involves both one to one and family work. You may wish to attend just for yourself or at some stage invite your family to be part of a family session.

Gina Dermody in her office
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